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Access4Care & Access4Fun

St. Luke’s helps fill the gaps in some existing transportation services for patients discharged from Middlesex Hospital and Shoreline patients that are receiving daily outpatient oncology treatment or behavioral health counseling benefits. In addition, St. Luke’s has a cooperative agreement to provide medical and recreational transportation services for the residents of the towns of Durham and Middlefield…


The goal of the Gatekeeper program is to educate community members (especially those who regularly are in contact with older adults) to notice and identify seniors who are potentially at risk or in need of assistance due to cognitive or behavioral health challenges. People from the community contact the Gatekeeper program and then a trained professional senior advocate will establish contact with the referred senior to ask if they would like some helpful information or a visit by a Gatekeeper staff professional…

Friendly Volunteer Services

St. Luke’s Community Services administers several volunteer based programs in Middlesex County that provide assistance to elderly and veterans with remaining at home and maintaining a good quality of life by providing FREE visitation, grocery shopping or transportation to out-of-area medical appointments. Volunteers can choose to help one or more individuals for just a few hours a month, as there is no minimum time requirement, flexible scheduling and we only ask for your consistency and reliability.


St. Luke’s provides non-wheelchair transportation for veterans who need access to services at VA hospitals in Newington & West Haven and to other out-of-area doctor appointments. VETS4VETS volunteers are either veterans or family members of veterans. Beginning in 2014, to better serve our Veterans in Middlesex County, St. Luke’s has expanded VETS4VETS program to provide additional support services that help veteran remain in the community and maintain a good quality of life…